Picture perfect

Every football supporter of a certain age fondly remembers the Panini sticker albums. While that style of photograph certainly had its place, times change, and there is nothing like a little creativity to reinvigorate something that has lost a little gloss. In light of this, FIFA.com has decided to make available some memorable and original pictures of the stars of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011™.

In a move away from the traditional grainy passport photo, these professional images are highly fashionable. Some are elegantly presented in black and white, while others make inspired use of light. They range from shaded snapshots taken in profile to zoomed-in close-ups, and they invariably catch their subjects in relaxed moods, freeze-framing comfortable smiles or even uncontrollable laughs.

From Da Mbabi to Marta Why not take a look at these refreshingly different pics in the special photo gallery on the right-hand side? Be it the Grace Jones-style pose of Canada’s Karina Leblanc, the tasteful black and white portrait of USA striker Abby Wambach, or the elated laughter of Germany’s Celia Okoyino Da Mbabi, these photos are sure to win over fans throughout the world.

Other unique efforts include snaps of Swedish midfielder Marie Hammarstrom being surrounded by light and shade, the Australians having lots of fun, the Colombians grinning, the Equatorial Guinea players beaming with joy, members of the French team dancing, the Norwegian coach showing her lighter side, and Marta joking around. As a whole, they represent a veritable homage to women’s football. If the matches at the FIFA Women’s World Cup can attain the same quality as these photographs, fans could be in for the best tournament yet.

*Please click on one of the smaller photos to the right to view the complete gallery.