England-Japan: Quotes

England coach Hope Powell It was a tough game, like every other game we’ve had in this competition. The team stuck to their gameplan, which they had to against such a good side as Japan, and they worked incredibly hard. We play a high-tempo game which relies on a huge physical effort. We’re really looking forward to the quarter-final. We’re stronger than 2007. I have to pay compliments to my team, they closed Japan down well and put them under pressure. We scored the goals at the right time. We have a squad of 21 and we will need all of them.

Japan coach Norio Sasaki I thought that in the first half we lacked speed and rhythm, so we changed our tactics in the second half but England scored another goal which made it even more difficult for us. We need to learn to make better decisions going forward and fight until the end if we want to win. I thought England had a bit more luck than us, but this was certainly a positive experience for the future – and one which will help us if we are to attain our goal of reaching the final.

England midfielder and player of the match Jill Scott We played really well. From our point of view it was a great game and great performance – far better than our previous games against Mexico or New Zealand. We ran for our lives and we had to against such a good team as Japan.

England forward Karen Carney I think it was our best team performance for the whole tournament. There were a lot of changes and I think this was a very good decision from our coach, because the players who came to the field and did their very best. Japan were very good, too. We are very confident now.

England forward Rachel Yankey Scoring the goal was fantastic and a great feeling. I was at first disappointed that the coach didn’t let me play from the beginning, but her strategy paid off! By bringing in fresh players, we always had fresher legs than the others and could move forward. I was put into the game for the second half and I was hot for scoring. This result has given us motivation for the upcoming matches. We are very confident and proud now.

Japan goalkeeper Yuki Nagasato England was a very tough opponent for us. They are not only big, they are also fast. If Germany ends up being our next opponent, then I look forward to playing them, especially against Birgit Prinz. I know the German players well, that way I can help my team prepare for the match. Germany may be big and strong, but that doesn't matter to me. In football, size is not necessarily important. We just have to think about how we want to play against them.