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Germany 2011 emblem unveiled

Arena Deutschland, the Official Emblem of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011, was unveiled in Berlin on Saturday 19 April 2008, one of the biggest days on the German football calendar. In the interval between the German FA (DFB) Women's and Men's Cup finals at the Berlin Olympic stadium, Steffi Jones and Franz Beckenbauer joined forces to reveal the visual symbol of the festival of women's football in summer 2011.

The design, clearly identifying Germany as host nation from the national colours of red, black and gold, and FIFA as promoter through a pictogram of the trophy, expresses a unique atmosphere in full stadiums, allied with enthusiasm and passion away from the venues too. "I find the Emblem enormously pleasing. I'm absolutely sure Arena Deutschland will provide an impressive stage for women's football at the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011," FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter declared in a video message during the presentation, broadcast live on German national TV. The original idea for 'Arena Deutschland', which was already an integral part of the emblem for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011, was developed in conjunction with the WVP agency in Stuttgart.

At the same venue which staged the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ Final between Italy and France, the world festival of women's football received its visual trademark, a 'business card' of sorts. "As it was in 2006, our objective with the logo on this occasion is to convey the incomparable emotions which can only be awakened by football," explained DFB President Dr Theo Zwanziger.

"We had a fantastic atmosphere throughout the nation at the 2006 World Cup. Now we have a new symbol to carry the passion forward - Arena Deutschland," commented DFB General Secretary Wolfgang Niersbach, who was responsible for the public and media image of the global event two years ago as a 2006 FIFA World Cup OC vice-president.

"I really like the logo, particularly because it expresses the enormous global development of women's football and also its strengths, namely enjoyment, energy and elegance, as well as showing that football is something for all of society," explained Tatjana Haenni, Head of Women's Football in the FIFA Competitions Department.

As for all major sports events, the logo will be a powerful media-based optical device driving awareness of the first FIFA Women's World Cup on German soil. The process will commence long in advance of the tournament itself: effective immediately, the logo is exclusively available to FIFA Partners, National Supporters and authorised licensees for a range of marketing and merchandising activities.

The Emblem will appear on all official publications and at events aimed at building a sense of anticipation ahead of the finals. In the weeks running up to the tournament itself, the logo will be displayed in various forms at airports, stations and high-visibility locations in the Host Cities, welcoming the vast throng of home and overseas visitors.

"The logo is an essential component of the event, summarising the organisers' aims. It is the formal distinguishing feature of the tournament, an orientation point for the entire preparatory process. That's why it's important to unveil the logo at the earliest possible opportunity," commented Beckenbauer, drawing on his experience as OC President of the 2006 event.

His successor Steffi Jones, OC President of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011, feels the dynamic Emblem functions as an important link between the organisers and the general public. "The logo has real flair and it's packed with meaning. Our OC is aiming for a terrific atmosphere at full stadiums. My greatest wish is for that to spill out of the stadiums in huge waves and transform Germany into one huge, passionate arena," she said at the unveiling.