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OC for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 strengthens its structure and introduces venue presidents

The planning phase for the Organising Committee (OC) to set up its offices in the nine FIFA Women's World Cup venues is taking shape. In the coming weeks, the honorary presidents of the venue offices of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 will be presented one after the other. This will help to strengthen the Host Cities, as the venues are known, in their overriding aim of preparing a FIFA Women's World Cup that will be as seamlessly well-organised as it is friendly and relaxed.

"The ever-increasing number of tasks requires a constant presence at the venues," said DFB President Dr Zwanziger. "It is only logical therefore that we should be represented in the individual World Cup cities at such an early stage, in order to fulfil our design and coordination function." "The presidents of our venue offices are all experienced and genuine football experts and are a virtual extension of our OC headquarters in Frankfurt, whilst at the same time connecting us to the stadium managers and city partners," continued OC President Steffi Jones.

The presidents will have representative tasks to fulfil and are also responsible for regular exchanges of information with the OC and carrying out its strategic focus at their respective venues. This includes adhering to and implementing all the various guidelines and concepts that the OC headquarters issue in conjunction with FIFA and its partners - ranging from preparing advertising surfaces for FIFA Partners and National Supporters in the stadium areas to maintaining technical and organisational guidelines concerning the sale of tickets and providing coordination support in terms of traffic issues.

Furthermore, they will act as regional and local contact points for politicians, the authorities, federations and clubs. The presidents of the venue offices will assume their tasks immediately. This will be followed in January 2010 by the appointing of CEOs who will manage operations in the FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup venues of Augsburg, Bielefeld, Bochum and Dresden. Exactly one year later, the CEOs of the Host Cities for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 will be appointed.

The Presidents of the OC venue offices

FIFA Women's World Cup 2011:

Berlin: Bernd Schultz, President of the Berlin Football Association

Frankfurt: Rolf Hocke, President of the Hessen Football Association

Leverkusen**: **Alfred Vianden, President of the Middle Rhine Football Association

Monchengladbach: Walter Hutzen, President of the Lower Rhine Football Association

Sinsheim: Ronny Zimmermann, President of the Baden Football Association

Wolfsburg**: **Karl Rothmund, President of the Lower Saxony Football Association

FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 and FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup 2010:

Augsburg**:** Dr Rainer Koch, President of the Bavarian Football Association

Bochum**:** Hermann Korfmacher, President of the Westphalia Football and Athletics Association

Dresden**:** Klaus Reichenbach, President of the Saxony Football Association

FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup 2010:

Bielefeld**:** Hermann Korfmacher, President of the Westphalia Football and Athletics Association