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FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 match schedule published

Reflecting their crowd-pulling status as holders and host nation for the 6th FIFA Women's World Cup, the Germany women's national team will play their three group matches at the three largest stadiums for the 2011 event, namely Berlin (capacity 75,000), Frankfurt (46,700) and Monchengladbach (47,000). The allocation of matches to stadiums was revealed in the official match schedule, as approved in Zurich on Friday by the FIFA Executive Committee under the chairmanship of FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter. Football's world governing body thus endorsed the proposal put forward by the German Local Organising Committee (OC).

The 16 best women's national teams in the world will compete for the trophy at the first FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany from 26 June to 17 July 2011. The host nation will contest the Opening Match on 26 June 2011 at the Berlin Olympic Stadium. The remaining matches will be staged in Augsburg, Bochum, Dresden, Frankfurt, Leverkusen, Monchengladbach, Sinsheim and Wolfsburg. The final will take place on 17 July at the Frankfurt Arena. Frankfurt and Monchengladbach will stage the semi-finals. The play-off for third place will be played in Sinsheim.

Germany occupy the position of first seeds in Group A and are allocated the scheduling designation A1 accordingly. Following the Opening Match in Berlin, the host nation play their remaining group matches on 30 June in Frankfurt and 5 July in Monchengladbach.

The Opening Match is the only one of the 32 games at the tournament allocated to the Berlin Olympic stadium. Borussia Park in Monchengladbach is the venue for two group matches and a semi-final. The remaining seven venues will each stage four matches.

For the first time at a FIFA Women's World Cup, no stadium will stage back-to-back matches on a single matchday. The decision to drop the so-called double-headers, a system generally in use up to and including the FIFA Women's World Cup China 2007, clearly signals the increased quality and status of the women's finals. "FIFA and ourselves regard every individual match as an attractive, high-value and independent event. We've deliberately taken this step in order to boost the prestige of women's football as a whole," commented OC President Steffi Jones. "This obviously reflects our hopes for a major spectator response to every match. A women's World Cup is and remains an exceptional event, bringing together the best teams in the world. Fans can certainly look forward to plenty of action and highlights."

The Final Draw for the tournament, determining the seeded teams and the definitive fixture plan, will take place in December 2010.

Reactions to the match schedule:

OC President Steffi Jones: "I think all our host cities can be very satisfied with the allocation of matches. The fixtures have been equitably spread around the venues and will effectively cover the entire nation via the nine stadiums. We intend this World Cup to be a festival of women's football, and I'm very optimistic we'll succeed in this respect. Today's publication of the match schedule is another important milestone for us."

German FA President Dr. Theo Zwanziger: "All the host cities will stage attractive matches. The gaps between the teams at the top of the world game are steadily closing, and every venue can look forward to staging exciting encounters. We have nine fantastic stadiums, and Germany will be an outstanding host nation, just as in 2006."

Franz Beckenbauer, FIFA Executive Committee member: "Our experience in 2006 highlighted the importance of an evenly-spread match schedule for the success of the tournament as a whole. In devising this match schedule, the Organising Committee has produced an outstanding piece of work, and I'm delighted FIFA has endorsed the proposal today."

Match schedule as approved by the FIFA Executive:

AUGSBURG Wednesday, 29 June 2011:    Group D:          D3 - D4 Saturday, 2 July 2011:            Group C:          C2 - C4 Tuesday, 5 July 2011:             Group B:          B4 - B1 Sunday, 10 July 2011:             Quarter-final:  1C - 2D

BERLIN Sunday, 26 June 2011:           Group A:          A1 - A2 (Opening Match)

BOCHUM Monday, 27 June 2011:          Group B:          B1 - B2 Thursday, 30 June 2011:        Group A:          A2 - A4 Sunday, 3 July 2011:              Group D:          D2 - D4 Wednesday, 6 July 2011:       Group C:          C2 - C3

DRESDEN Tuesday, 28 June 2011:         Group C:          C1 - C2 Friday, 1 July 2011:                Group B:          B2 - B4 Tuesday, 5 July 2011:            Group A:          A2 - A3 Sunday, 10 July 2011:            Quarter-final    1D - 2C

FRANKFURT Thursday, 30 June 2011:         Group A:          A1 - A3 Wednesday, 06 July 2011:      Group D:          D4 - D1 Wednesday, 13 July 2011:      Semi-final Sunday, 17 July 2011:              Final

LEVERKUSEN Tuesday, 28 June 2011:         Group C:          C3 - C4 Friday, 1 July 2011:                Group B:          B1 - B3 Wednesday, 6 July 2011:       Group D:          D2 - D3 Saturday, 9 July 2011:            Quarter-final    1B - 2A

MONCHENGLADBACH Wednesday, 29 June 2011:    Group D:          D1 - D2 Tuesday, 5 July 2011:             Group A:          A4 - A1 Wednesday, 13 July 2011:      Semi-final

SINSHEIM Sunday, 26 June 2011:           Group A:          A3 - A4 Saturday, 2 July 2011:            Group C:          C1 - C3 Tuesday, 5 July 2011:             Group B:          B2 - B3 Saturday, 16 July 2011:          Third place play-off

WOLFSBURG Monday, 27 June 2011:          Group B:          B3 - B4 Sunday, 3 July 2011:              Group D:          D1 - D3 Wednesday, 6 July 2011:       Group C:          C4 - C1 Saturday, 9 July 2011:            Quarter-final    1A - 2B