Official poster impresses the gallery

  • Official France 2019 poster unveiled

  • On display in gallery in central Paris

  • Public can view exhibition of ten competition posters for next two days

Following the presentation of the nine host city posters on 27 February, which marked 100 days before the start of the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™, the official tournament poster was unveiled on Friday in Paris, in an art gallery in the centre of the city.

"This poster is part of the identity of the Women’s World Cup, just like Ettie the mascot," said a smiling Brigitte Henriques, Vice-President of both the French Football Federation and the Local Organising Committee (LOC). "The tournament is 92 days away, and there’s a growing sense of anticipation. I’m delighted to announce that the opening match is already sold out! We’ve now sold 600,000 of the 1.3 million tickets that were put on sale."

The former international added: "It’s a real pleasure to see this Women’s World Cup take off."

"It’s no coincidence that we chose International Women’s Day," said Ana Brito, Head of FIFA’s Brand Management team. "This poster sums up the spirit of this World Cup and of FIFA. It features a woman with a determined expression and a confident look, who shows a desire to be crowned world champion. The shards of bright yellow light in the poster call to mind the official tournament slogan, ‘Dare to Shine’."

And then the much-anticipated moment arrived. In a room packed with guests, officials and journalists, the two women brought an end to the suspense by pulling back the black curtain that covered the work of art. With the nine other host city posters also on display, the eye-catching exhibition, which will remain open this weekend, was finally launched.

If you would also like to admire these ten works of art, the gallery is open to the public on Saturday 9 March and Sunday 10 March from 1 pm to 6 pm (Galerie Celal, 45 rue Saint Honore, 75001 Paris, France).

Exposition of the posters of FIFA Women's World Cup, France 2019