France 2019: Guidelines on FIFA's Official Marks

Due to the enormous cost of staging a prestigious event such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup™, FIFA would not be able to organise the tournament without the significant support of its sponsors, media rights and other licensees, the host country and host cities, as well as the LOC.

In return for their invaluable support, FIFA’s Rights Holders are granted the exclusive right to use FIFA’s Official Marks for promotional and advertising purposes, and thereby enjoy the benefit of associating with the event.

The protection of these commercial rights is crucial, and FIFA asks that non-affiliated entities respect FIFA’s commercial rights and conduct their activities without commercially associating with the event.

As a way of providing some guidance to anyone interested in understanding what they can do to ensure they do not use FIFA’s IP without prior written authorisation from FIFA, and to avoid creating any unauthorised association with the Event, FIFA have developed a document designed to offer information to the general public on the use of FIFA’s Official Marks and preventing any unauthorised association in relation to the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™.

The Guidelines can be found and downloaded here.

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