CAN-GHA: Post-match quotes

Even Pellerud, Canada coach Ghana were a tricky team to face, they're quick and they had more possession than us, but I was pleased with our reaction. I thought we played well. (As for bettering Australia's score against Ghana), at the last World Cup in 2003, we made the mistake after losing 4-1 to Germany of going into our second match against Argentina without a particularly offensive attitude. Here, I didn't want to do the same, although I couldn't say to the players, 'Win by four, five or six goals' because it would put too much pressure on. But we did enough and I'm pleased about that.

Isaac Paha, Ghana coach What I would say is that we came here to play but in many key aspects, if you look closely, you can see that other teams are far ahead of us. Our weaknesses mean that, offensively, we need to work extra hard. We lost because of one or two little mistakes, which in football is normal. But we are still fighting and there is one more match to go, so we will look for a face-saving win for the team.

Christine Sinclair, Canada striker It's amazing to see someone so young as Sophie (Schmidt) get her first World Cup goal, likewise for Martina (Franko). I went through the same in the last one, it's a great feeling, and it was fantastic to see both of them with such a huge smile on their faces. Plus, we know that a win takes us closer to getting out of the group, so it's huge.

Rumanatu Tahiru, Ghana striker I am not sure what happened. Maybe we just had some bad luck, I really can't explain what went wrong. Wednesday's match will be difficult for us because we are all very down. But we will give it our best.