The 'Aussie-surfing footballer’s' guide to the Matildas

Australia midfielders Elise Kellond-Knight and Tameka Butt took time out from preparing for their crucial concluding group match against Sweden with a light-hearted look at the Matildas squad. Both players excelled at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup™ as Australia reached the quarter-finals before being eliminated by the Swedes. The pair, who both hail from the Gold Coast - one of Australia’s beachside meccas – are renowned for their passion for surfing. And as long-serving national team players, ‘KK’ and ‘Meeks’ know the squad inside-out and were happy to share some amusing observations with Most important question first … who is the best surfer among the squad? **Tameka Butt (Meeks): Probably Loz or KK. I’m still learning off them. It is about whoever is in form, it’s a bit like football! Elise Kellond-Knight (KK):** Loz has been surfing a lot lately, so I reckon she might shade me at the moment. I have been rusty as I have been away and also playing a bit of golf too.

Who is the best hairdresser? Meeks: Definitely Loz (Laura Alleway), no question. She is actually very good at braids. She braided my whole head recently in Italy.

Who is the funniest squad member? KK: I would say Servet , she has a very different sense of humour. And probably a tie between Larissa and Kyah for funniest laugh. Meeks: Once Servet picks up on a topic she rolls with it forever. Sam Kerr is pretty funny too. She will laugh at anything that Servet says.

Who is the coolest? **KK: Probably Sam Kerr and Caitlin keep up with the trends a little bit more in maybe a mainstream way and following the American trends. Meeks: **We have plenty of other quirky styles. Michelle Heyman dresses pretty differently, she has her own style.

So who is the uncoolest? Both: ummm … Next question…

Who is the Social Media addict? Meeks: All of us. Who is not the Social Media addict?!

Who is the most intellectual? **KK: I reckon Polks is a pretty smart girl. She always comes out with a one-liner here or there that will crack you up. She can be quiet in the background but is always likely to come out with something smart or funny that half the team probably won’t get it . T is pretty smart and clever too, she is a teacher. Ash Sykes is pretty switched on too. Meeks:** We played a trivia game in Vancouver in different categories and KK would be our go-to for science. But everyone had their categories they were good at. Catley is so smart with sport, she kills it.

Who spends the most time in front of the mirror? Meeks: That would be a tie most likely. Kyah probably, Alanna a little bit and Hayley Raso who is addicted to her hair ribbons.

Who is the worst trainer? **KK:** I have an answer but I’m not going there .

What is coach Alen Stajcic’s most annoying habit? KK: Oh, too many to chose from . While we are on the treatment table he has a bad habit of prodding the physios. Meeks: The day after a game he will walk up to give you a little kick in the shins and say ‘why are you sore’.

Who scores the best goals at training? **KK: I reckon Sam , Caitlin and Kyah , they score some crackers. Meeks:** Whenever we do shooting, or crossing and finishing, Staj always picks a goal A, B or C. But if he joins in then his goal is goal A!