Quotes: Norway-England

Even Pellerud, Norway coach We seemed to be the stronger team for a long while, and we should've finished the match in the first half, but we didn't. After England tied, we stressed for no reason, the play on the ball was not as precise and decisive as in the first half. Compliments to my English colleague who made some good tactical changes at half-time. This is a hard way to lose, it's very disappointing for all of us.

Mark Sampson, England coach The first emotion I'm feeling is a sense of pride for the team. To show that kind of resilience, to come back from a goal down, the players have been immense with their character to come back in that game. The names of these players, this team, will go down in English football history - but make no mistake, this journey is not over. Based on our second half performance, we deserved to win that match. We're going to enjoy today because it is a big win for our country, and then it'll be back to business and we're determined to keep this journey going.