Quotes: Mexico-France

Leonardo Cuellar, Mexico coach We were a very young team under a lot of pressure from our country. Allowing a goal in the opening minute made our job a lot harder, and France is a great team: today they showed it and they are advancing as a result. It was always a complicated ask for us to defeat the French, but we didn't give ourselves a chance in the match by conceding that opening goal. We believed we could go farther, and we knew we had to find a way to meet our objective, the round of 16, and we didn't - there are no excuses.** **

Philippe Bergeroo, France coach When you win 5-0, a coach is always going to be happy. The team made this an easy match, we made a decision going into it and worked tactically to attain a high form. We are going to try to relax and analyse what happened in the game, but we know we played very well. We can't win every game, and not every match will be easy, but we always have to maintain confidence in our squad and protect the group. We knew right at the draw that this would be a difficult group not to be taken lightly, and we put ourselves in trouble against Colombia. Our first objective was to progress from the group, and it's done now, so we can breathe a little and take the rest of the tournament match-by-match.