Quotes: England - Canada

John Herdman, Canada coach It’s not how we imagined it all to end. You win this game and you hope to go all the way through. Congratulations to Mark (Sampson), and his team, and they were very hard to break down. I’m just disappointed for all of Canada. We had good shape and good rhythm, but this is football at this level. The players can be proud walking out of here tonight. I can guarantee those fans that we gave our best, but our best just wasn’t quite good enough.

Mark Sampson, England coach To get a result in that atmosphere against an incredible Canada team was an amazing result. I’m really proud of women’s football today, with a sell-out crowd. I have never experienced a crowd like that before. We are only the third England team to reach a semi-final, after the 66 and 90 teams. This team has shown incredible character and resilience throughout the tournament. These two (knockout) games have been about staying in games and getting results. It was pretty darn tense on the sideline. Credit to John (Herdman) and Canada, they made us fight for every single ball.