CRC - BRA : Les déclarations

Vadao, Brazil coach* *We played well, even without several of our regular starters. That’s a real source of satisfaction. The girls that came in were more than up to the task. We could have won more easily, really. Costa Rica fought hard, but we kept attacking and eventually managed to score the winning goal. This victory will give us a good confidence boost ahead of our Round of 16 game with Australia.

Amelia Valverde, Costa Rica coach I’m proud and honoured to represent my country here, and I’m sure that all my players share those emotions. We might not have an army in Costa Rica, but they still fought like warriors. We didn’t have much possession of the ball, which really tired us out. Whenever we got it back, we no longer had the wherewithal to do anything with it in an attacking sense. A lot of people thought we would let in a bucket-load of goals against Brazil – we’re happy that we showed how defensively solid we can be.