Quotes: Brazil-Spain

Vadao, Brazil coach Today we won due to the perseverance of Andressa Alves, who showed great belief when she scored the goal that won us the match, and more importantly, qualified us for the next round. That will allow us to approach the last game a bit more serenely, and make a few changes. We showed that we can switch our style of play if need be, and that when we can’t use our preferred short passing game, we can play a quick ball over the top like the one that led to the winning goal.** **

Ignacio Quereda, Spain coach It was an intense and even match. Both teams were enjoyable to watch. Once again, our moves lacked an end product. It was a bad time to concede a goal – it was a real psychological blow. In the dressing room, we tried to address that aspect, and we came back out with greater intensity. I have to hand it to my players, because they gave their all and left a good impression. The only thing that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth is the result.