Quotes: USA-Colombia

Jill Ellis, USA coach We knew we would have a challenging game because Colombia are a very good opponent. I thought we controlled most of the ball and I had faith that at some point we would breakthough and we are happy to advance. I thought we stroked the ball around pretty well at times. Many of the goals in World Cup football come from set-plays and that is the way it is. I know that the players that come in will be confident of stepping in and doing well. I have upmost confidence in the players we have.

Fabian Taborda, Colombia coach They played with an iron-will from the beginning to the end of this match, and at times the best team in the world didn’t look that good because of the way we performed. Not having our goalkeeper and being a player down of course had an impact in the second half. I think it is pleasing that everyone in the world can see how much Colombia women’s football has improved. Perhaps if the goalkeeper was not sent off the scoreline would have been different. These players have developed greatly throughout the past four years. The future is set to shine for us.