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FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 declared ‘financial success’

The FIFA Women's World Cup 2011™ has proved exceptionally successful from a financial point of view, the Local Organising Committee (LOC) announced following publication of provisional results from the tournament.

The figures were presented at the concluding meeting of the Presidential Committee on Wednesday, and the final meeting of the Board of Trustees chaired by German Olympic Committee (DOSB) president Dr Thomas Bach in Frankfurt on Thursday. Based on current income and expenditure forecasts, the LOC anticipates a surplus before taxes of €10.6 million, although the figure is subject to change depending on a final audit and cash flow evaluations. Corporation and municipal business taxes due to the German authorities come to approximately €3 million, leaving a net surplus of some €7.6 million.

Revenues are currently forecast at €50.6 million, of which €23 million derives from partnerships with the six National Supporters, and €25 million from sales of a total of 782,000 match tickets. Revenues totalling €2.6 million derive from miscellaneous sources including licensing and catering. Thanks to what was overall an incident-free tournament and a highly responsible approach by all spending departments, the LOC is forecasting expenditures of only €40 million. The original LOC budget totalled €51 million.

“We sold more tickets than expected and spent less - that's the successful formula behind this surprisingly positive result,” commented DFB President Dr Theo Zwanziger. "The fact that matches, especially those not involving Germany, drew better attendances than we expected is one of the two main reasons for this remarkable financial success. The other is the highly professional and praiseworthy work of the entire organising team, headed by LOC President Steffi Jones and General Coordinator Ulrich Wolter. With hardly any exceptions, expenditures remained significantly under budget. Our thanks are also due to FIFA, who were exceptionally accommodating towards us in many areas."

We sold more tickets than expected and spent less - that's the successful formula behind this surprisingly positive result.

DFB treasurer Horst R. Schmidt added: “The overall result is particularly worthy of note, because the German FA exclusively accepted and underwrote the financial risks associated with the World Cup project in their entirety, as the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 received no public subsidy whatsoever. Moreover, we are making a valuable contribution to the public budget.”

The surplus generated by staging the FIFA Women's World Cup will be allocated to four general areas of expenditure. A total of €1 million is earmarked as a solidarity contribution to German sport as a whole, with €500,000 to the German Olympic Committee, €150,000 apiece to the German Disabled Sports Association and the Special Olympics, and €200,000 to the Deutsche Sporthilfe charity foundation. “It is extremely laudable that the DFB time and again discharges its social responsibilities and demonstrates its exceptional commitment to the sporting family,” commented DOSB President Dr. Thomas Bach. "I congratulate the DFB on the extremely successfully organising and staging of such an attractive FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011, which prompted much admiration in Germany and far beyond. I also particularly appreciate this gesture of solidarity."

A further €1 million will be dedicated to a social assistance plan, including one-off support and bridging payments, in cases of imminent unemployment for staff members drawn from the entire organising team whose contracts are valid until 31 August 2011. Immediately prior to the tournament, the LOC operation, including satellite offices and co-opted DFB staff, employed 250 people.

A further €640,000 will be distributed among the nine stadium operators, who will receive €20,000 for each FIFA Women's World Cup match staged at their venue. “This gesture is a thank-you to the stadium operators who coped with the demanding tasks derived from the big attendances we had," Dr Zwanziger declared. "They all provided the LOC with truly perfect settings for matches at the World Cup. In the final analysis, these stadiums provided the spark of passion which spread to the whole nation, and ultimately the world."

That leaves approximately €5 million as a one-off contribution to DFB coffers. The executive committee will later determine how the funds are to be allocated. “The idea is that these funds will flow back into girls’ and women's football," commented DFB vice-president in charge of women's football, Hannelore Ratzeburg. "The new DFB women's football department headed by Steffi Jones takes up its duties on 1 September. One of the department’s first tasks will be to conceive appropriate projects and campaigns aimed at sustaining the development of grassroots women's football."