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Training Schedule Guide

Each day FIFA will post the most updated team training schedules possible.

However, from time to time teams change their training schedules with short notice. We do our best to keep the most updated information available, but FIFA always recommends that you re-confirm schedules with our media officers.

Types of training:

Official Stadium Training: training sessions in the stadium where matches are to be played (pitch conditions permitting) – these generally take place only once per venue

Closed Training: in principle, all training sessions shall be open to the media. However, prior to each of their matches, teams have the right, if they express such a wish, to hold one training session behind closed doors. Nevertheless, the first 15 minutes of such sessions are still open to the media for taking photos or shooting video. No player/coaches interviews at this time, please.

Normal Training: training sessions open to the media in their entirety. Interviews can be arranged directly with the team following the end of training.

PLEASE NOTE: During all training sessions – whether at a training ground or in an official stadium – media will not be permitted to enter the field of play before, during or after the session. Media representatives are only authorised to observe the sessions from their usual places of work (alongside the pitch or in the stands). Also, please be aware that there will be no facilities nor interpreting services for media representatives at the training grounds.