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Team Thailand Pronuciation Guide

The LOC has kindly provided a pronuciation guide for the names of the Thai players participating in the FIFA U-19 Women's World Championship Thailand 2004.


Letter “A” between consonants composed with 3 letters:

-         pronounced the same as letter “u” in the word “cup”.

Letter “A” with only a consonant in front, no ending consonant:

-         sounded like a short sound of “ar” with letter “r” silenced.

Letter “I”:

-         a very short “ee” sound.

Letter “U” without a consonant followed:

-         a very short “oo” sound.

In the guide, surnames are in all CAPITAL letters.

For example: Thailand Head Coach - PONGPANICH Prapol  (phonetic: PONG-PA-NIT, Pra-pol)

Click here to access the PDF pronunciation guide.