Quotes: Ghana-Finland

Bashir Hayford, Ghana coach Our aim was to qualify. We won our first match, lost the second one and we won today too, so we got six points out of nine, which is excellent. But due to the numbers we couldn’t advance to the next stage. Despite that, it has been a very nice tournament for us because two years ago in Japan we could not even manage to score one goal. This time we have scored three goals, which shows that we are moving forward. Despite the fact we couldn’t qualify, we have a very promising team. Now we’ll try to qualify for the next tournament and try again to go through.

Marianne Miettinen, Finland coachWe've had three very different kind of opponents in this tournament, and this team, Ghana, had quick players who pressed the ball hard. They were pressing with four players and we knew we needed to keep the ball and play a short passing game and not to get stressed under pressure. But the fact is that in this tournament we didn’t score enough goals, so we don't deserve any more than we've come away with. That's just the way the game goes.