Luis Enrique steps down from Spain

  • Luis Enrique departs La Roja for personal reasons

  • Robert Moreno will replace him

  • Moreno: “It's a bittersweet day"

Luis Enrique has officially left his position as head coach of Spain for personal reasons, as confirmed by RFEF president Luis Rubiales on 19 June. Enrique will be replaced by assistant coach Robert Moreno.

Moreno has been in charge of the team since last March, when Enrique stepped away before Spain's game against Malta.

"I want to thank Luis Enrique," Rubiales said during a press conference at federation headquarters in Madrid. "We will always have the door open. It has been a decision of Luis himself that we deeply respect, and we appreciate that everyone be respectful of his privacy. "

A first-time head coach, the 40-year-old Moreno served under Enrique for nearly a decade. The new boss of La Roja said he is grateful for the federation's confidence in him, but also recognised that it was not an easy day.

"It's bittersweet; more sour than sweet," said Moreno. "I always thought about being the head coach but never under these circumstances. I take this assignment with great responsibility. It is difficult to face this challenge, but we are going to work with honesty, professionalism and the idea of ​​maintaining the work left by Luis at the top.

"I've been in high-level locker rooms for nine years with Luis, learning from the decisions he made. Opportunities show up in unexpected ways and we have to face them, but we feel prepared to continue on the right path."