Invitation to tender: Public Food & Beverage Concessionaire for FIFA World Cup 2022™ 

Starting today, 15 October 2020, FIFA invites tenderers to submit proposals for the FIFA Public Food & Beverage Concessions operations in all stadiums for the following events:

  • FIFA World Cup 2022™

  • Test Event in 2021

FIFA’s objectives in relation to the programme for these two events include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • To provide a world class food and beverage service to public ticket holders which guarantees quality products served at the right temperature via a friendly, inclusive, respectful, efficient and competent level of service;

  • To guarantee the highest level of sanitary conditions and food safety for the products served while minimising food waste and collecting it separately;

  • To provide a similarly high standard of service across all venues of the events;

  • To supply a wide variety of healthy international food and beverage options and to highlight specific regional culinary options;

  • To leave a legacy of event food and beverage service in the host country of Qatar

The companies or company selected by FIFA will be expected to service all general public stadium spectators in a quality and manner commensurate with the high profile, quality and international characteristic of the events.

The tender process is divided into two separate phases:

  • Phase 1 launches on 15 October 2020: FIFA invites companies to respond by providing the information and documentation requested in the invitation document. Based on the information provided, FIFA intends to evaluate the suitability of interested parties and intends to determine which parties will be eligible to receive the full tender document and participate in Phase 2.

  • Phase 2 launches on 5 November 2020: Following the evaluation of the information returned by interested parties in Phase 1, FIFA will send such parties the full tender document in order to participate in Phase 2. The second phase sets out the detailed requirements and the terms and conditions for the FIFA Public Food & Beverage Concessionaire Programme.

Applications shall be in English only and can be submitted starting today, 15 October 2020.

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