The Preliminary Draw results in full rounds up the results from the Preliminary Draw for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, which took place at the Konstantin Palace in St. Petersburg on Saturday 25 July.

Inter-continental play-offs CONCACAF – Asia Oceania – South America

African Zone Draw Round One Match 1: Somalia-Niger Match 2: South Sudan-Mauritania Match 3: Gambia-Namibia Match 4: Sao Tome e Principe-Ethiopia Match 5: Chad-Sierra Leone Match 6: Comoros-Lesotho Match 7: Djibouti-Swaziland Match 8: Eritrea-Botswana Match 9: Seychelles-Burundi Match 10: Liberia-Guinea-Bissau Match 11: Central African Republic-Madagascar Match 12: Mauritius-Kenya Match 13: Tanzania-Malawi

Round Two Match 1: Winner (Match 1)-Cameroon Match 2: Winner (Match 2)-Tunisia Match 3: Winner (Match 3)-Guinea Match 4: Winner (Match 4)-Congo Match 5: Winner (Match 5)-Egypt Match 6: Winner (Match 6)-Ghana Match 7: Winner (Match 7)-Nigeria Match 8: Winner (Match 8)-Mali Match 9: Winner (Match 9)-Congo DR Match 10: Winner (Match 10)-Côte d’Ivoire Match 11: Winner (Match 11)-Senegal Match 12: Winner (Match 12)-Cape Verde Islands Match 13: Winner (Match 13)-Algeria Match 14: Sudan-Zambia Match 15: Libya-Rwanda Match 16: Morocco-Equatorial Guinea Match 17: Mozambique-Gabon Match 18: Benin-Burkina Faso Match 19: Togo-Uganda Match 20: Angola-South Africa

North, Central America and the Caribbean Zone Draw Round Three Match 1: Curacao-El Salvador Match 2: Canada-Belize Match 3: Grenada-Haiti Match 4: Jamaica-Nicaragua Match 5: St. Vincent / Grenadines-Aruba Match 6: Antigua and Barbuda-Guatemala

Round Four Group A: Mexico, Honduras, Winner (Match 1), Winner (Match 2) Group B: Costa Rica, Panama, Winner (Match 3), Winner (Match 4) Group C: USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Winner (Match 5), Winner (Match 6)

Oceanian Zone Draw Group A: Tahiti, New Caledonia, Winner (Round 1), Papua New Guinea Group B: New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu * Round 1 is a round-robin group consisting of: American Samoa, Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga

European Zone Draw Group A: Netherlands, France Sweden, Bulgaria, Belarus, Luxembourg Group B: Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary, Faroe Islands, Latvia, Andorra Group C: Germany, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, Norway, Azerbaijan, San Marino Group D: Wales, Austria, Serbia, Republic of Ireland, Moldova, Georgia Group E: Romania, Denmark, Poland, Montenegro, Armenia, Kazakhstan Group F: England, Slovakia, Scotland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Malta Group G: Spain, Italy, Albania, Israel, FYR Macedonia, Liechtenstein Group H: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Estonia, Cyprus Group I: Croatia, Iceland, Ukraine, Turkey, Finland

*Asian member associations are not involved in the draw because their World Cup qualifiers have already commenced

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