Russia launches major Infrastructure Programme for 2018

The Russian government has sanctioned an Infrastructure Programme for hosting of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™. The decision was taken at a Russian government cabinet meeting on Thursday 13 June.

The infrastructure programme consists of some 292 facilities and events essential for holding the 2018 tournament. This includes 12 stadiums, 113 training sites, 62 hotels, 11 airports, communal and transport infrastructure necessary for FIFA World Cup, and electricity, IT and communications infrastructure. Development of the Programme has been undertaken by the Russian Ministry of Sport.

“A colossal amount of work has been carried out to prepare for this infrastructure programme. We have gathered and analysed data on the current status of infrastructure in all regions holding the FIFA World Cup,” explained Russian Minister of Sport and Chairman of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Local Organising Committee (LOC) Vitaly Mutko.

“There are no other programmes of their kind. Over 1,000 proposals have been studied. The results of this work have been used to develop an optimal scenario for infrastructure preparations, according to which we selected only those facilities without which such a major tournament could not be held. These facilities are capable of bringing maximum returns on investments in the long term, and leave a 2018 FIFA World Cup legacy that will contribute to regional development and the economic growth of the country.”

The overall cost of the preparation programme for Russia 2018 will total RUB 664.1 billion (approx. USD 20.9 billion; the budget displayed as a diagram can be viewed in the gallery on the right). Just over a half of this sum – RUB 336.2 billion (50.6 per cent) – will be provided through funding from the federal budget:

  • RUB 86.2 billion have already been factored into the federal budget and current federal programmes;

  • A further RUB 250 billion will be added to federal programs and the federal budget.

The majority of these funds will be spent on preparing sporting and transport infrastructure facilities, as well as on the provision of security.

In accordance with the programme, regions hosting the matches are investing, overall, RUB 101.6 billion from their regional budgets.

The infrastructure programme presupposes that RUB 226.3 billion will be attracted from non-budget sources. Private investor funds will invest primarily in the building of new hotels and modernisation of airport complexes in the host cities.

The scale of preparations for Russia 2018 will go further than just the 11 cities hosting tournament fixtures. “The concept for hosting the FIFA World Cup has been designed in such a way that almost 70 per cent of the population will be involved in the preparations and hosting of the tournament,” said Mutko.

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