Mutko: We're pleased with our dialogue with FIFA

The third session of the Board that brings together the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Local Organising Committee (LOC) and representatives of FIFA took place in Kazan on 29 October. Afterwards, LOC Chairman and Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko and FIFA Secretary General Jérôme Valcke spoke to the media.

Vitaly Mutko, Russia 2018 LOC Chairman and Russian Sports Minister:

On the results of the Board meeting

"Today FIFA and the LOC discussed a wide range of issues to do with preparations for the World Cup. Both sides noted that this work is proceeding at a good pace. Overall, Russia is honouring all the commitments it has taken on as the host country. We've already launched an infrastructure programme covering World Cup facilities, and the Russian parliament has passed a special federal law on Russia 2018. In addition, the LOC is in the process of coming up with the official tournament emblem, graphical representation and slogan. Today we told FIFA about how we are getting on with the tournament branding, which will be launched in the autumn of 2014. I'd like to point out that we are very satisfied with the dialogue we have with FIFA, and I'm sure that this partnership will help us to put on a top-class World Cup in 2018."

Jérôme Valcke, FIFA Secretary General:

On preparations for the 2018 World Cup

"I'm really pleased to see how quickly Russia is preparing for the tournament. It’s particularly gratifying given that the World Cup in Brazil is just around the corner. At the moment we're all focusing on preparations for the 2014 tournament, and then after that we will be turning all of our attention to Russia."

On Kazan

"The city is very attractive and orderly, and made a very good impression on me. In addition, Kazan's infrastructure is pretty developed. Yesterday, during my sightseeing tour, I saw the high-speed train that connects the airport and the city centre. We also went to the stadium, which I'm confident will be an excellent venue for World Cup matches. There's enough space here to accommodate all the temporary infrastructure you need during the tournament. Overall, in terms of infrastructure, Kazan is an excellent example for the many other cities that would like to host World Cup matches. They've got virtually everything you need."

Thierry Weil, FIFA Marketing Director:

On the new World Cup sponsorship structure

"The new structure will operate between 2015 and 2022. The changes we're making will mainly affect the World Cup's regional sponsors, who will now be divided up into five football zones - Europe, Asia, South America, North and Central America and Africa and the Middle East. We're confident that interest among sponsors will be at its highest in Russia and in Europe, and that the first regional sponsorship packages sold will be in the European zone."

Alexey Sorokin, Russia 2018 LOC CEO:

On the LOC's plans for 2014

"At the moment the LOC Board convenes once a year, but once the 2014 World Cup is over, we will be meeting more frequently. Today we presented a number of documents that are, in some ways, key to the direction of our work - the World Cup transport blueprint, a report on the stadiums that are currently being designed and built, and various sustainable development projects. "In the very near future, we need to decide where in St Petersburg to hold the World Cup Preliminary Draw, in July 2015. In September 2014, we will be launching the World Cup slogan and emblem. Along with its official branding, the tournament will effectively be acquiring some of its own unique features. We will also be focusing on one of the most important events in world football, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. There the LOC will be taking part in the 'Observer' programme."