Brazil shares its knowledge behind staging a FIFA World Cup

A seminar was held in Moscow on Friday for the representatives of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ host cities, designed to pass on the institutional knowledge acquired by those involved in hosting Brazil 2014.

Brazil’s Local Organising Committee (LOC) CEO Ricardo Trade shared his experience of the host country’s preparation and tackled topics such as construction of stadiums and training sites, transportation infrastructure and accommodation facilities. Particular attention was given to the aspect of a tangible tournament legacy. The 2018 World Cup organisers were also given recommendations in the areas of health and safety, the organisation of medical services, fan services, Fan Fest facilities and how to create a festive atmosphere in the host country.

The 2014 World Cup impressed fans not only with outstanding football action on the pitch but also with the hospitality and services provided by the hosts. “The organisation of meetings such as these is an excellent FIFA initiative,” Ricardo Trade told the seminar.

“I am happy to see the aspirations of the 2018 LOC and the host cities to hold the tournament at the very highest level and to demonstrate to the whole world the capabilities of your country and your love of football. Our countries have much in common.

"The 2014 World Cup LOC has been available to share its experiences, to talk about issues that were faced and the fundamental lessons that we learned as we prepared for the tournament.”

“Today, Russia's host cities can take home first-hand information about the best practices that were implemented during preparations for, and the organisation of the World Cup in Brazil,” said Russia 2018 LOC CEO Alexey Sorokin. “It is of utmost importance to us that we have the chance to draw on the valuable experience and recommendations of our Brazilian colleagues, particularly at this point when preparations for the tournaments at all levels have moved into the operational phase.”

Ricardo Trade, as appointed a consultant by FIFA, will continue to support the 2018 Local Organising Committee with his experience.

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