Friday 01 December 2017, 16:17

All set for your trip to Russia?

The wait is over. After almost four years of anticipation, we finally know which teams will be facing off in the group stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™. Are you already planning your trip? Fantastic! But don’t rush, as there are some key details to bear in mind. Read on to find out more.

Match schedule As the draw in Moscow reached its conclusion at 18:53 local time, the most anticipated fixture list in world football was finally complete. We now know not only who will play who in the group phase, but also where you need to travel in order to support your team!

You can find the full match schedule here. Meanwhile, information on all the cities that you’ll be visiting is available in our Destination Russia section. Get ready to pack those bags!

Match tickets There has already been a huge demand for match tickets for next June’s tournament. But what if you still haven’t got yours? Get ready: the next stage of ticket sales will start on Tuesday 5 December, and will run until 31 January 2018.

In cases where the number of tickets requested is greater than the number available, then a Random Selection Draw will be used to allocate the tickets. The date you applied for tickets during this sales phase will have no bearing on any Random Selection Draw.

For more information and to apply for tickets, please visit the Ticketing page at, where you will be asked to sign up and create your account.

FAN ID If you already have your tickets, there’s still one more crucial thing to keep in mind. In order to enter Russia and support your team, you will need your FAN ID. If you’re unsure what this is, it couldn’t be simpler: the FAN ID is an identification document required by the Russian authorities, which all fans need to hold together with a valid match ticket in order to enter the stadiums.

Obtaining your FAN ID is very straightforward, and it will also give you access to other benefits out in Russia. To apply, please visit the FAN ID Website.

The teams! Let’s suppose that you’ve already completed each of the steps mentioned above. There’s still something else left, which is just as important as your travel documents. It’s time to get to know the teams that your country will be playing against! We’ve prepared an interactive guide with hundreds of pages of information, to help you to get to know each of the 32 teams competing at Russia 2018.

Now, you’re ready. Safe journey, and see you in Russia!