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Volunteer training with Günter Netzer and Wolfgang Niersbach

Preparations for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2005™ from 15 to 29 June are nearing completion. The stadiums in Frankfurt, Hanover, Cologne, Leipzig and Nuremberg require just a few finishing touches. Training and accommodation arrangements for the starting field of eight nations from five continents have been finalised. The next vital item on the 'to do' list is training the 2,000 volunteers.

"The Confederations Cup, and to an even greater extent the FIFA World Cup a year later, present enormous organisational and sporting challenges. However, the events will ultimately stand or fall depending on the atmosphere we generate, and this is where our volunteers play a decisive role," commented Organising Committee vice-president Wolfgang Niersbach at the launch of volunteer training in Cologne. The FIFA Confederations Cup 2005 volunteer team will be assigned to a broad spectrum of tasks including chauffeuring, accompanying the teams, hotel duty, VIP services, media assistance and staffing the accreditation centre.

The training programme comprises two basic elements, overall presentation and attitude, and specific instruction in individual assignments.

Former speed skater and TV journalist Franziska Schenk dropped by the launch in Leipzig. "Modesty, politeness and a sixth sense for the right thing to do in any given situation are the most important characteristics," the two-time Olympic competitor and 1997 sprint world champion told her audience. "Volunteers need to radiate passion for this major event, and a sense of anticipation as we look forward to the World Cup."

The young helpers practised customer-friendliness and tested their confidence in other languages via role-playing games, and were also given a basic introduction to the Confederations Cup tournament.

Günter Netzer told the 60 volunteers assembled in Cologne they were "ambassadors for Germany. I'm deeply impressed by your commitment. We set out to pick only the best for the Confederations Cup, and I believe that's what we've found."