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The FIFA Communications Division wishes you a safe journey home

The 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany has come to a close. The days past are now imbedded in our memories and for most of you in your articles, photographs and prose.

The goal of the FIFA Media Channel has been to be your source for all media needs during the FIFA World Cup. The secured site serviced almost 10,000 media representatives. A total of 97.5% of all accredited written press and photographers registered and interacted with the channel.

With over 1.7 million page views, we believe the FIFA Media Channel has successfully met the stated objective and has proved to be a valuable service and resource for you the media. We therefore, want to express our pleasure and gratitude to have been of service to you.

The FIFA Media Channel was able to deliver news and information exclusive to the media with comprehensive listings of official team activities of the 32 participating teams. Listings including daily training sessions, team press conferences, mixed-zone announcements, and other activities.

The FIFA Media Channel also was the medium for the process of online media match ticket requests for the second round. Links to online maps for event locations (e.g. team training sites, hotels, etc.) were also available online.

The FIFA Media Channel also provided live video streaming of all the FIFA/LOC Daily Media Briefings in the four official FIFA languages with a complete audio archive of the previous briefings.

Key stats:

  • Over 1,550 calendar events created Over 300 media only news articles posted Almost 58,000 media ticket requests processed Almost 4,000 requests for the daily media briefing (live stream and archived audio)

Please tell us what you think. Your comments and ideas on the FIFA Media Channel are very important

If you have a comment or idea that you wish to pass along regarding the FIFA Media Channel, please tell us what you think ! Your opinions and comments are very important to us and we welcome every message that we receive.

Feedback assists in the continuous improvement of the FIFA Media Channel and other media services.

Thank you and see you again.

Markus Siegler


Andreas Herren

Head of Media

FIFA Media Channel team