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Summary of special FIFA awards

adidas Golden Shoe

The Golden Shoe is awarded to the player who scores the highest number of goals at the 2006 FIFA World Cup GermanyTM. If two or more players score the same number of goals, the number of assists (as determined by members of the FIFA Technical Study Group - TSG) is decisive. There is also a Silver Shoe for the second best goalscorer and a Bronze Shoe for the third best. The announcement will be made at the end of the tournament but the trophies will be presented at the FIFA World Player Gala in December 2006.

adidas Golden Ball

The Golden Ball is awarded to the best player on the basis of a vote taken among the media accredited for the 2006 FIFA World Cup GermanyTM based on a shortlist of 10 players selected by the TSG. The 10 nominees will be announced at the adidas World of Football in front of the Reichstag in Berlin on 6 July. There is also a Silver Ball for the second-placed player and a Bronze Ball for the player in third place. The announcement will be made at the end of the tournament, with the trophies presented at the FIFA World Player Gala in December 2006.

Anheuser-Busch Bud Man of the Match

The Anheuser-Busch Bud Man of the Match is an award given to each game's outstanding player in terms of behaviour and impact on the actual game, as selected by the TSG based on five predetermined criteria at the conclusion of each of the 64 matches. Each winner will be awarded a trophy at the post-match press conference.

Fair Play Award

The FIFA Fair Play Award is awarded to the team with the best fair play record according to a points system and criteria established by the FIFA Committee for Ethics and Fair Play. The team(s) that display(s) the greatest sportsmanship and whose on- and off-pitch behaviour is the best during the competition is announced as the Fair Play winner at the end of the event by the TSG. All matches count but only those teams that reach the round of 16 and therefore play at least four games are eligible to win the award. The FIFA Fair Play Trophy, Fair Play medals for players and officials, a diploma and a voucher for USD 50,000 worth of football equipment (to be used for youth development) are awarded to the team that finishes first in the Fair Play contest. This award will also be presented at the FIFA World Player Gala in December 2006.

Gillette Best Young Player

This is the newest FIFA award to mark outstanding performances by young footballers born on or after 1 January 1985. Fans can vote for the Best Young Player in the competition on Subsequently, a shortlist of the top three players as selected by the fans is submitted and added to a shortlist prepared by the TSG. Once the shortlist of up to six players has been drawn up (three nominated by the fans and up to three nominated by the TSG), the performances of these players are re-evaluated, with the TSG naming the winner after the semi-finals. The winner will receive his trophy from award patron Lothar Matthäus (Germany) during a press conference at the Olympiastadion in Berlin on 7 July.

Most Entertaining Team presented by Yahoo!

The FIFA award for the Most Entertaining Team is the only FIFA award to be selected purely by the fans. It is a subjectively awarded prize for the team that does the most to entertain the public with a positive approach to the game. The award presented by Yahoo!, an Official Partner of the 2006 FIFA World Cup™, is organised through public participation in a poll on

MasterCard All-Star Team

For the fourth consecutive time, the MasterCard All-Star Team recognises and honours the best players of the 2006 FIFA World Cup™. After the conclusion of the round of 16, the TSG will draw up a shortlist of 50 players for consideration for the All-Star Team based on the first 56 matches. After evaluating the players' overall performance throughout the tournament, the TSG will nominate 23 players for the MasterCard All-Star squad the day after the second semi-final (6 July), with the All-Star Team selected after the final. A formal announcement will be made following the final.

Yashin Award for Best Goalkeeper

The Yashin Award, named in honour of the late Russian goalkeeper Lev Yashin, recognises the top goalkeeper in the tournament as selected by the TSG based on the player's performance throughout the tournament. The prize will be presented to the selected goalkeeper at the FIFA World Player Gala in December 2006.