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Federation Internationale de Football Association

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Message to media from LOC Transportation Department

The "Transport" department would like to apologise for the problems you may have encountered with the Media Shuttle to recent games.

The hold-ups have been due to a combination of factors. Firstly, large numbers of fans at the stations and on the streets leading to the stadium have resulted in a number of delays. Moreover, a student demonstration in Frankfurt meant that it became impossible to adhere to the schedule. Large numbers of cars have also converged on many venues after the games to celebrate and have brought traffic to a standstill.

Despite all the precautionary measures (including the use of special buses), it will no longer be possible to adhere to the schedule at all times and some departures may be delayed or may even be cancelled.

We recommend that media representatives set aside more time to get to the stadium and change to other means of transport where necessary (suburban train, etc.). The LOC would like to thank you for your understanding.