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Media ticket wait lists for matches 18 - 26

Please note the following important information regarding requests for media tickets to the first 48 matches of

the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™. This information is intended to help accredited media in their planning with

regard to wait lists.

As explained in various communications, an accreditation does not automatically guarantee a media

representative a ticket to the matches they may wish to attend.

Close to 50 percent of the group stage matches have been oversubscribed. FIFA and the LOC therefore had to

proceed to a selection of media in accordance with the usual criteria (agency, media from countries competing,

etc.). The same criteria will be applied when examining the wait list requests.

The chances of approval of any wait list request depends on the number of ticket applications received before

15 April and also on the number of cancellations that have been received. As ticket cancellations from

accredited media are traditionally received in the final days before a match, approvals will only be issued on

the last days before a match or on match day.

Approvals will be notified via e-mail or, in the case of match day, directly at the media center of the


The table on the right indicates the number of wait list requests we have received for each match and category

for matches 1-5. At this stage, journalists and photographers will have to decide whether or not to travel to a

venue on the chance of being attributed a ticket on-site in accordance with the priorities on the waiting list.

Media that decide to try and collect a wait list ticket must be at the stadium SMC 60 minutes before kick-off.

All efforts will be made to accommodate those media. Please consider the number of people on a wait list before

traveling to the venues.

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