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Media Guide: Visa and Customs Guide

In principle, every person who travels to Germany to work requires a work permit and would need to apply to the German embassy in their country of residence for a permit covering the duration of their stay. These applications could prove costly and time-consuming.

To facilitate this process for special groups performing important services at the 2006 FIFA World Cup™, the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour has issued a special decree (Section 12 Employment Order). "Representatives of the media including technical personnel and employees of television and media partners" are specifically covered by the decree.

In other words: Accredited media representatives who do not stay in Germany for longer than three months will be treated as visitors/tourists and not "workers" with regard to the allocation of visas.

These media representatives:

  • do not require a work permit require either a visitor's visa, which will be allocated swiftly and free of charge by the local German embassy or they can travel completely " unannounced"

The answer to the question of whether a foreign media representative requires a visitor's visa or can travel to Germany "unannounced", e.g. as an EU citizen, can be found on the Federal Foreign Office web site. This features a list of states whose citizens require a visitor's visa.

It is important when applying for a (visitor's) visa, to append an accreditation confirmation and a precise description of the intended activity at the 2006 FIFA World Cup™.

Please direct questions regarding entry and exit regulations to the special OC mailbox at:


"Temporary use" is the key phrase permitting specific groups of people to import certain goods and items into Germany duty-free for the 2006 FIFA World Cup™, including all technical material for foreign TV companies and other accredited media representatives.

All such goods and items that are not used up during the tournament must be taken out of Germany and the EU customs area after the event. Further information on the duty and tax regulations applying to the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ can be found in an extra manual available for inspection at the 2006 FIFA World Cup OC.

General customs duty regulations also apply on entry and exit.