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Media Guide: Team Headquarters and Training Facilities

All participating teams must check in to their Team Base Camp in Germany at least five days before their opening group match. A minimum of one training ground is assigned to each Team Base Camp. These official training facilities are available to participating nations ten days before their opening match at the earliest, until the day after their final match.

A team is permitted to reside at several Team Base Camps during the tournament.

On the day before a match and on matchdays, teams must overnight at the designated Venue Specific Team Hotels (the team named first on the match schedule at Venue Specific Team Hotel 1 (VSTH 1)). A training ground is designated for each VSTH (Venue Specific Training Site/VSTS).

At the conclusion of the round of sixteen, teams may reside at Venue Specific Team Hotels until they are eliminated, i.e. teams are not obliged to return to Team Base Camps.

On the day before a match, teams are permitted to conduct a 60-minute training session at the stadium itself. A 45-minute gap separates the two teams' training sessions.

Every team is obliged to conduct one public training session before their first group match. Teams must announce the timing of this public training session by 1 June 2006 at the latest. Should teams plan to conduct further public training sessions, these must be notified to the 2006 FIFA World Cup OC and FIFA eight days in advance.

Each team may conduct a closed training session ahead of each of its matches. Members of the public, including accredited journalists, are denied access to these sessions. Otherwise, media representatives are granted access to VSTS sessions for the first 15 minutes of each training session. The 15-minute period is guaranteed. Teams may elect to extend this period.

Team managements are also responsible for the decision whether to allow journalists access to Team Base Camps.

Training times and team news conference schedules will be published on the Media Channel.