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Media Guide: Stadium Media Centres (SMCs)

Each of the twelve FIFA World Cup venues is outfitted with a fully equipped Stadium Media Centre (SMC) to welcome the world's journalists, photographers and broadcasters. These SMC's all contain a professional working environment, a selection of necessary services and are staffed by FIFA Media Officers and LOC Media Officers who are ready to work with you.

The SMCs are all located either within the walls of the stadium itself or in an adjacent structure. In all cases, clearly marked routes will guide the media, guaranteeing easy and quick access to and from the Media Tribune, Mixed Zone, etc.

The Stadium Media Centres will operate in an efficient manner according to the match schedule in a particular venue. As a general principal, SMCs will begin operation five days before the first match in the stadium and they will remain operational throughout the life of a venue.

Mixed Zone

As is the standard at most international football events nowadays, there will be a Mixed Zone interview area where journalists - press and rights holding broadcasters - can meet with and interview the players and coaches following each match.

Entry in the Mixed Zone will be limited and journalists will need to obtain a Mixed Zone Ticket in order to have access to the area. Tickets will generally be distributed on match day. The Mixed Zone will have separate areas for written press and for broadcast rights-holders. FIFA and the LOC will select among the journalists; the Host Broadcaster will handle mixed zone ticketing for the rights-holders. Generally speaking, photographers are not admitted to the Mixed Zone and photography is not permitted.

Mixed Zone Interview Room

The two head coaches and perhaps a player (at a minimum the coaches) will be taken to an interview room, where they will be interviewed by the FIFA Media Officer. This interview will be interpreted into English, and will be viewed through monitors in the SMC. This system will allow journalists to be able to follow the interview and still work from the SMC working area.

Camera Repair Service Center

Canon Professional Services (CPS) and Nikon Professional Services (NPS) will offer a check and clean, minor repair and emergency backup loan service at all matches during the 2006 FIFA World Cup™. These repair centers will be located in each of the 12 stadium media centres.

For large repairs which cannot be completed onsite, CPS and NPS will have a priority service for FIFA World Cup accredited photographers. These repairs will not be free of charge and the photographer will have to arrange transport for their equipment to and from this offsite repair center. More information on the nearest point of large repairs will be given onsite from CPS and NPS staff.