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Media Guide: Media Ticketing

The First Round media ticketing system was launched on 12 December 2005 following the Final Draw in Leipzig. The on-line ticket ordering system was integrated with the media accreditation system. Media representatives that had already registered using an electronic form could then order tickets for any of the 48 group matches they wish to attend.

Media representatives could modify ticket requests for the 48 group matches via the Internet anytime up until midnight on 15 April 2006.

FIFA and the LOC will next draw up the lists of the media representatives who have applied for the 48 group matches accordingly. If demand exceeds supply, FIFA and the LOC will choose the applicants on the basis of the usual criteria.

As of May 2006, media will be notified by e-mail whether his/her request(s) have been accepted or not. An updated media list, showing those that are due to receive tickets for the group matches, will be posted on the FIFA media channel.

Any journalist or photographer who fails to turn up for at least two matches for whom a ticket has been reserved for him /her will forfeit the right to attend the next match of his/her choice.

In the event a match is oversubscribed, unsuccessful or belated applications will be placed on a waitlist. The waitlist will be accessible on the Media Channel.

Round of 16, Semi-Finals, Third Place and Final Match

Applications for second round media tickets, including the Final match, will ONLY be processed through the Media Channel.

Ticket requests will be submitted during the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ itself via the FIFA Media Channel. Additional information will be provided in the Stadium Media Centre, via e-mail and through the FIFA Media Channel. Should you have any questions please contact the local FIFA or LOC venue media officers

Photographer Ticketing and Priority Grouping

During the FIFA World Cup™, photographers may work from the field or the tribune. Access to any match will be by a combination of accreditation, bib, and match ticket. A selection will be made of which photographers work on the field and who works from the press tribune.

Each tribune photographer will receive a media ticket and must remain seated when in the tribune area.

Each field photographer will receive a ticket for a numbered seat plus he/she will be divided into three priority categories. The list of photographer category assignments for each match will be published in the Media Channel.