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Media Guide: Host Cities and Stadiums

2006 FIFA World Cup Fan Fest, the biggest football party of all time

Fans from home and abroad at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ will be treated to the tournament's first ever Fan Fest when the twelve Host Cities set aside the best downtown locations for live match broadcasts on giant screens, promising the flavour of the stadium in the heart of the city. "This is an absolute first in World Cup history. The Host Cities have never before opted for a collective programme for the fans on this scale. The cities, working together with the OC and FIFA, are providing the framework for a fantastic shared experience. It effectively means every city has two venues, the stadium and the Fan Fest," commented FIFA General Secretary Urs Linsi.

Each Host City is the promoter of the local Fan Fest. FIFA and the OC act as co-ordinators for the 12 locations. Apart from a standard basic programme and Fan Fest livery, a strong local flavour will characterise the events, which are set to become the biggest football party of all time. Admission is free. Set designs will evoke the feeling of being at the ground, importing the stadium experience to downtown districts.

A significant proportion of the costs will be borne by partners Coca-Cola, Hyundai, MasterCard and Toshiba. The Partners' commitment will fund the vital basic infrastructure (screen, stage, light and sound). The cities will recoup their remaining costs (approvals, security, cleaning etc) by renting retail space, optional profit sharing, and sponsorship from local and regional businesses.

The TV signal will be provided by German stations ARD, ZDF and RTL. State broadcaster ARD and its regional subsidiaries have agreed a media partnership including extensive local and national coverage from the Fan Fests. The cities will work together with local media businesses to secure print coverage.

Journalists do not require specific access rights to report from Fan Fests. TV/video shoots require a permit from the appropriate municipal authority.