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Media Guide: Daily Media Briefing

On most days during the FIFA World Cup™, a joint FIFA/LOC press briefing will take place each morning at 11:00 at the Berlin Stadium Media Centre (SMC) and broadcast to the Munich IBC.

Journalists at other SMCs or locations worldwide will be able to watch and listen to the briefing live via the Media Channel. Simultaneous translation in the four official FIFA languages (German, English, French, and Spanish) will be available to media in Berlin and over the Internet.

Archived editions of daily media briefings from Berlin available for media

Media unable to attend the daily media briefings in Berlin will be able to download audio recordings of the daily briefings from the Media Channel. The audio portion of the daily briefing will be archived so that journalists can download and listen previous editions of the daily press briefings at their leisure.

Journalists that are new to the world of podcasting can get started with very little trouble. Users can download the audio content directly or can register for automatic downloads using a free application such as ipodder.

Podcasting can be described as "broadcasting to an MP3 player and other equivalent devices." It is a way of publishing audio files (usually in .MP3 format) to the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed and automatically receive any new audio files, as they are made available. Users subscribe to podcasts using a podcast client (also known as "podcatching" software), which checks subscribed feeds and downloads new content as it becomes available.

Podcasting does not require an iPod - or any portable music player for that matter. Any digital audio player or computer with the appropriate software can play mp3 files. Users with portable music players can set them up to sync with their aggregators to place downloaded audio files onto their portable music players automatically, so they can listen to the content away from their desktop.