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Media Guide: Accreditation Centres

The Organising Committee Germany aims to provide an optimal working environment for visiting media representatives. The accreditation system is an essential component of our efforts towards this goal. Accreditation is a functional tool and a formal identification system providing access to one or more official locations – the twelve FIFA World Cup stadiums and the media area at the International Broadcast Center (IBC) in Munich.

Accreditation also provides a significant travel benefit within Germany for 6,000 media representatives. Deutsche Bahn (DB, German Railways) and the OC have arranged free rail travel for these reporters in all DB trains for the duration of the 2006 FIFA World Cup™. Accreditation documents marked "MobilityBahnCard" are valid for free travel the length and breadth of the country.


Accreditation Centre Opening Dates/Times plus Addresses

Please note that accreditation does not confer the right of admission to the stadiums. Accreditation does not confer visa or entry rights. All accreditation documents issued for the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ Germany remain the property of the Organising Committee, which may at any time revoke the accreditation at its discretion.

The accredited member of the media must always carry either a passport or identity card, and the accreditation must be visible at all times. Appending or attaching stickers, pins etc. to the accreditation badge are not permitted.

Accreditation Zones Accreditation provides access to all twelve Stadium Media Centres (SMCs) and the IBC in Munich. Accreditation also provides access to team training sessions at Team Base Camps, provided these are open to the media.

Each stadium is divided into zones. Access rights to specific zones are indicated by numbers printed on the accreditation:

Zones relevant to the media: Zone 1 - Field Zone 3 - Public Area Zone 6 - Media Stands Zone 7 - Media Centre, IBC Zone 8 - Broadcast Area

Members of the media are allocated to groups according to media type, each identified by a specific colour:

SADs (Supplementary Access Devices)

Access to certain areas such as the media stand, news conference, pitch, mixed zone etc, will only be granted to persons carrying both accreditation and a special form of ID, a Supplementary Access Device (SAD).

SADs include match tickets, news conference and Mixed Zone access passes, and photographers' bibs. Radio and TV personnel will be issued with other, task-specific SADs.

Match tickets and news conference/Mixed Zone access passes will be allocated on a match-by-match basis.

Provided they have been allocated, match tickets/further SADs may be collected from the Stadium Media Centre (SMC) from 4 pm on the day before a match up until an hour before kick-off. Please visit the Media Channel for more information.

An exception applies to personally numbered bibs for PHO and TPP. These will be distributed at the start of the tournament.

Photographers may collect their bibs from the SMC Welcome Desk when collecting their accreditation (at the SMC named in the accreditation application). Bibs must be signed for and are retained for the duration of the tournament.

Loss/theft of accreditation

Lost or stolen accreditation documents represent a potential security risk. In case of loss, please report to the nearest accreditation centre and:

  • notify the loss to the head of the accreditation centre (and fill out the appropriate form) and submit a €150 processing fee. A final decision regarding the issue of duplicate accreditation will be made by the head of the accreditation centre on a case-by-case basis.

In case of theft, please observe the following important procedures:

  • report the theft to the police (official theft report) and present a copy of the police report to the head of the accreditation centre.

An accreditation and/or SAD is valid for access to the following areas:












= A SAD is required to access this Zone


= Includes access to this Zone

No symbol = access not permitted

Overview of SADs valid for media representatives at the 2006 FIFA World Cup™:

Picking up accreditation documents

Media representatives may collect their matchday pass in person at the accreditation centre in each of the 12 Host Cities. This will require the following documentation:

  • Print-out of the official confirmation e-mail Passport (if the online registration was made using passport details) Identity card (if the online registration was made using national ID card details) Photocopied documents and driving licences are not accepted If any of the required documents is not presented, no accreditation will be issued Accreditation centres are not accessible by private car on matchdays

Please direct questions regarding accreditation to:

For media organisations based in Germany:

For media organisations based outside Germany: