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Federation Internationale de Football Association

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Media communication services - the countdown has begun

To service media requirements as fully as possible, T-Com is prepared to offer customized and high-quality telecommunications services to the press.

In the press tribute, at the edge of the pitch, and in the Stadium Media Centres (SMCs), the OC 2006 FIFA World Cup provides you with the following services that can be ordered per match or – if available as prepaid services purchased at the stadiums from T-Com:

In the press gallery and at the edge of the pitch

Three service packages are available to journalists in the media tribune. All packages include an ISDN line with a telephone or a terminal adapter 2 a/b for an analog terminal device.

The national service package offers an unlimited number of national calls for a charge of EUR 266,80 all-inclusive; the international service package offers an unlimited number of international calls for EUR 307,40 EUR.

The prepaid service package is available from T-Com for EUR 226,20 per game; your calls are then billed via a prepaid card that can be bought at stadiums. The prepaid cards for the prepaid service package can also be used in the SMCs. Additional terminal devices are available for EUR 29 per game.

Furthermore, media can order flat-rate Internet access with all service packages for use at in press tribune and at the edge of the pitch. This is available for EUR 220,40 per match.

Before and after the game

Telephones and Internet access will also be available to media at the SMCs. The telephones are straightforward to use via prepaid cards that can be purchased at stadiums. Prepaid cards are available in denominations of EUR 3, EUR 5 and EUR 10. The prepaid cards for the prepaid service package can also be used in the SMCs.

For Internet access, media will need a voucher that can be bought from vending machines at the stadiums. The cost for vouchers is EUR 58 and can be used on the day of the match or the day before.

Effective immediately, the service packages as well as terminal devices and Internet access, can be ordered via the Media Channel. Please see the "Communication Technology Services" box below the calendar on the Media Channel index page.

  • Prices for packages listed above are valid during the regular ordering period from May 18, 2005 through May 30, 2005. After that time, additional charges shall apply*.