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Media advisory: Important reminder about media tickets for the 2006 FIFA World Cup™

As the start of the 2006 FIFA World Cup is fastly approaching, please read carefully the following reminder regarding the media tickets required for accredited written press media to access the media stands and for photographers to access their positions on the tribune or the pitch on match days:

  1. A media accreditation is not enough to access the media stands (tribune) or the photographers' positions on the pitch-side on match days. A media ticket with a seat number is mandatory.

  2. The deadline to apply for media tickets for the first round matches was 15 April. After that date, accredited media have been able to and can still place themselves on the waiting list for first round media tickets via the FIFA Media Channel, located on the media section of the official website of the 2006 FIFA World Cup:

  3. Accredited media can check whether each of their media ticket requests has been accepted on the Media Channel, in the section Media Tickets. Any waiting list requests which are finally approved will be notified via e-mail to the journalist/photographer and this information will also be updated in the Media Tickets section of the Media Channel.

  4. Even if the media tickets have been requested by each accredited journalist or photographer, it is VERY IMPORTANT to note that the media tickets are awarded to the media organisation, and not to the individual journalist or photographer. This means that each media organisation can decide which of their accredited journalists or photographers pick up the tickets awarded to that media organisation.

  5. In the event that any accredited journalist/photographer who has been granted a media ticket or their media organisation decides not to use that ticket, it is VERY IMPORTANT that the journalist/photographer cancel this ticket, in order to allow another accredited journalist/photographer who is on the waiting list to attend the match. Cancellations have to be done via the FIFA Media Channel, in the section Media Tickets.

  6. Please note that each journalist/photographer and their MEDIA ORGANISATION WILL BE CONSIDERED RESPONSIBLE FOR NOT CANCELLING A MEDIA TICKET which they finally do not use. The media organisation will receive a warning the first time such a situation takes place. The second time, they will lose the number of tickets corresponding to the number of no-shows from their next match media ticket allocation, and the third time, they would be denied any further media tickets.

  7. The accredited written media representatives can collect their tickets from 4 p.m. one day before each match, up until 90 minutes before kick-off. In the case of the photographers, they will collect their tickets starting three hours before kick-off.

  8. The Media Match Ticket Hotline will be activated as from 9 June 2006 and can be reached on +49 700 2006 2640.

Should a media representative be delayed for any reason, or have to cancel his ticket at short notice, i.e. up to 120 minutes before kick-off, this must be communicated to the hotline from where it will be communicated to the venues.

  1. 48 hours prior to kick-off, media representatives can enter the FIFA Media Channel and see how many people are on the waiting list for that particular match. They can then decide whether or not to drive to the relevant stadium. Information on the status of the waiting list will NOT be provided over the phone.

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