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Federation Internationale de Football Association

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Media Access for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final

The final match of the 18th FIFA World Cup on 9 July in Berlin poses new challenges for all of us.

Almost 2,000 colleagues of the written press are expected at the Stadium Media Centre in Berlin as well as over 300 photographers.

To ensure a smooth operation on that day, please observe the following:

Access for media representatives with a yellow or brown Accreditation badge is exclusively via the Media Entrance at Passenheimer Strasse.

Access to the Media Stand for media representatives and to the pitch (this only applies to photographers with a valid ticket) is exclusively via the bridge of the SMC.

The SMC has almost 1,000 working spaces on 8,000 m². A second Press Working Area has been set up in the so-called Agency Tent in which the major news agencies have been working since the start of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. To avoid unnecessary crowding and to provide better working conditions for your colleagues and yourself, you are requested to also use the space available here and not only stay in the main part of the SMC tent.

Compared to the matches of the first round and those of the last sixteen, match tickets for the final will only be distributed on the actual match day. It lies in your own interest to turn up at the SMC in due time and no later than four hours prior to kick-off to avoid queues at the ticket distribution point which opens at noon (12:00) on 9 July.

Journalists, and in particular photographers, who have not received a ticket even after the waiting list has closed, are requested to keep the desks in the SMC free for those colleagues who have to work.

The usual press conference will be held after the match. Colleagues going to this press conference are invited to use this room at the end of the conference to write their reports. However, please note that there are no desks or telecommunication facilities in this room.

The desks of the Media Stand can also be used to ensure coverage of the final. Both lighting, power supply and telecommunication facilities will remain up and running as long as colleagues are working on the Media Stand.

The SMC will be open non-stop until 18:00 on 10 July 2006.