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Match ticket application for 2nd round matches

As previously communicated, ticket applications for the upcoming second round matches (Round of 16 and onward) must be submitted exclusively via the FIFA Media Channel.

For each match, the ticket application will be open during a pre-determined period, starting on midnight of the day on which both teams are known for a specific game. Please refer regularly to the date and time information as well as to updates on the FIFA Media Channel.

After closing time, accredited media will only be able to apply for the waiting list of that match. NEW: The waiting list will close 120 minutes before kick-off.

Media representatives who encounter problems with access to the FIFA Media Channel or the submission of a match ticket application are requested to go to a Stadium Media Centre where volunteers can assist them.

As was the case for the first round matches, media who have been approved for a second round match and who subsequently change their plans, are requested to cancel such tickets on the FIFA Media Channel as otherwise they are likely to be sanctioned for a no-show.

  • Open Date/Time - This is when journalists can start submitting ticket request. The date is always after both teams are known (except for the 3rd place match and final). Open time is always 00:00 for the date.

Close Date/Time - This is when the initial request window stops - any requests submitted after this automatically go to the wait list. Close time is always 23:59 for the date.

Wait List Close Date/Time - This is when the wait list window closes. The time is always kick-off minus 120 minutes (15:00 for 17:00 kick-off, 19:00 for 21:00 kick-off, and 18:00 for the Final).

As of 120 minutes before kick-off and in cases of force majeure, such cancellations may be made via the Media Ticket Hotline at:

0700 2006 2640 (from within Germany)

+49-700 2006 2640 (from abroad)

In this respect, FIFA appeals to all media to be considerate as no-shows may prevent fellow media colleagues from covering a match.