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Match day preview for 10 & 11 June 2006

Match day preview for 10 & 11 June 2006

Match day preview for 10 June 2006

  • Match # 3 - Frankfurt - ENGLAND-PARAGUAY *

On 18 June 1986, England won the only previous FWC head-to-head against Paraguay 3-0 in Mexico City; a round-of-16 match, the goals were scored by Lineker (two) and Beardsley. England and Paraguay also met in a friendly match in Liverpool on 17 April 2002, a match won 4-0 by England, with goals by Owen, Murphy, Vassell and Ayala (own goal). A further meeting came about in 1985 during the FIFA U-20 World Cup; they drew 2-2 in a group match and were both later eliminated.

England are unbeaten in all six of their opening FWC matches in European editions (two wins, four draws): they drew 4-4 in extra time with Belgium in 1954, 2-2 with Soviet Union in 1958, 0-0 v. Uruguay in 1966, defeated France 3-1 in 1982, drew 1-1 with Ireland Republic in 1990 and defeated Tunisia 2-0 in 1998.

The last ten FWC goals to be scored by England all came in the first half. The last FWC goal scored in the second half was netted by Owen in the 79th minute of their 1-2 defeat to Romania in a 1998 group match.

  • Match # 4 - Dortmund - TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO-SWEDEN*

Trinidad and Tobago and Sweden previously met in a friendly match on 16 November 1983 at the venue of Port of Spain. Sweden won 5-0.

Sweden have already played a FWC group match in Dortmund; a 0-0 draw v. Netherlands on 19 June 1974. Sweden have already played a first FWC match on 10 June; in 1990, they met Brazil in Turin but lost 1-2. Also on 10 June, but in 1970, Sweden defeated Uruguay 1-0 in a FWC group match. On both occasions, Sweden were eliminated from the competition at the first stage.

Trinidad and Tobago are the 10th CONCACAF team to participate in a FWC final competition; as CONCACAF newcomers, only the USA in 1930 (3-0 v. Belgium) and Costa Rica in 1990 (1-0 v. Scotland) won their very first FWC match.

Sweden have failed to win their first match at any FWC since 1958. Their most recent openers have resulted in four draws and two defeats: 0-1 v. Italy in 1970, 0-0 v. Bulgaria in 1974, 1-1 v. Brazil in 1978, 1-2 v. Brazil in 1990, 2-2 v. Cameroon in 1994 and 1-1 v. England in 2002.

  • Match #5 - Hamburg - ARGENTINA-CÔTE D'IVOIRE*

Argentina won their only previous head-to-head with Côte d'Ivoire 4-0 at the 1992 Intercontinental Championship, the forerunner of today's FIFA Confederations Cup. Argentina's first encounter with Côte d'Ivoire was over as a contest inside ten minutes, Batistuta striking twice to ease the Albiceleste into the competition. Ricardo Altamirano and Alberto Acosta made it 4-0 in the second half.

On the two occasions that Argentina have played a FWC match on 10 June, they have gone on to win the title: on this date in 1978, they were defeated 0-1 by Italy and in 1986, Argentina won 2-0 v. Bulgaria.

This will be the first time that Côte d'Ivoire coach Henry Michel will meet a South American opponent other than Brazil in a FWC match: as trainer of France, he defeated Brazil in the 1986 quarter-final s on penalties, but lost out to Brazil when he was coach of Cameroon in 1994 and of Morocco in 1998, on both occasions to the tune of 0-3.

Match day preview for 11 June 2006


This will be the Netherlands' first ever head-to-head with Serbia and Montenegro; Netherlands won their only other FWC encounter with Yugoslavia 2-1, a round-of-16 match in Toulouse on 29 June 1998, with goals by Bergkamp, Komljienovic and Davids. This also happens to be the last ever FWC match played by Yugoslavia.

The overall record in all head-to-heads is five wins for Netherlands, three wins for Yugoslavia and one draw. Netherlands have won all five of the most recent matches, including a 6-1 thrashing at EURO 2000.

Without considering the first rounds of FWC 1934 and 1938 (both knock-out matches), Netherlands remain unbeaten in their first group match, with a record of three wins and two draws.

  • Match #7 - Nuremberg - MEXICO-IRAN*

Mexico and Iran have only met once before, in a friendly match played in Oakland, USA, on 9 January 2000; Mexico won 2-1 with goals by Hernandez and Blanco, while Daei scored from the penalty spot for Iran. Mexico and Iran have also faced each other in an Olympic Football Tournament group match in Tokyo in 1964, drawing 1-1 - both teams were eliminated at the first stage.

Mexico have played two Asian teams at the FWC and won both head-to-heads: 1-0 v. Iraq in 1986 and 3-1 v. Korea Republic in 1998. In both matches, Mexico scored in the second half.

On 11 June 1958, Mexico finally ended their run of nine consecutive defeats in FWC – the longest ever losing run in the competition's history - in their match against Wales; they eventually drew 1-1 thanks to a late goal scored by Jaime Belmonte in the 89th minute.

Iran have only met one other CONCACAF team in FWC: in 1998, they defeated USA 2-1, which also happens to be their only success in FWC final competitions to date.

  • Match #8 - Cologne - ANGOLA-PORTUGAL*

Portugal won both friendly head-to-heads against Angola in 1989 (6-0) and 2001 (5-1) in Lisbon.

This will be Angola's first match in a FIFA final competition on European soil. Their only other appearance in a FIFA final competition came in 2001 when they played four matches in the U-20 World Cup hosted by Argentina.

Portugal were defeated in their only previous FWC head-to-head against an African team exactly 20 years ago, on 11 June 1986; Morocco won 3-1 v. in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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