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LOC to open Ticket portal on March 27th

On March 27th the Organising Committee will open a Ticket portal on for the benefit of the fans. The platform provides two scenarios. Tickets can be returned to the LOC, with a full refund, provided that the LOC is subsequently able to sell such tickets (the "Resale" process). In addition, tickets may be transfered by ticket purchasers to nominated individuals (the "Transfer" process). "We are thereby making good on our promise to provide a service oriented and non bureaucratic solution. However, we expect that 99 % of all ticket holders will make use of their Tickets and go to the stadium themselves, and the ticket portal will only be in place for exceptional cases", says Horst R. Schmidt, 1st. LOC Vice President.

Originally the launch was scheduled for March 20th. Over the course of the planning it became obvious that a larger ticket allocation would be allocated to the public sales. "Good news for the fans: Up to mid March we expect additional tickets allocated for the public sales. These tickets shall be offered with priority, before the launch of the Transfer and Resale Platform", Schmidt outlined.

In the case of both Resale and Transfer of Tickets, the applicant must go through an online form in the customer self service section. If a ticket holder wishes to return a ticket he can opt for the Resale programme and can release the ticket for Resale and shall thereby not be obliged to provide any reasons for the return. Subsequently the ticket will be offered in the Resale section of the ticket shop. Once a purchase request for this specific ticket is made, the seller gets paid back the price he paid for the ticket in the first place. For the original ticket holder the Resale is free of any fees. Released tickets shall be offered in the Resale for face value plus an additional administration fee of up to 15 % of the face value but which may not exceed the maximum amount of 15 Euros.

Horst R. Schmidt: "The costs for the additional services are expected to be approximately 700,000,-- Euros. The platform will be operated by the service provider FWCTC (FIFA World Cup Ticketing Center), which has been solely appointed by the LOC. Additional staff requirements and software development are the major costs making up the aforementioned amount. The ticket portal offers an additional authorised opportunity for seekers of tickets to get hold of a ticket and therefore can be regarded as an additional sales channel.

Transfers may only be permitted if certain conditions are fulfilled. "The transfer of a ticket to an individual person elected for transfer can only be possible in exceptional cases due to the principles of fairness. The persons who benefit from a transfer have a great advantage compared to ticket applicants who are still waiting for a ticket in an environment of very high international demand. A ticket transfer potentially circumvents the people who are still in the virtual waiting list on" explains Schmidt.

In general the LOC accepts the following 7 grounds for transfer:

v Transfer within the family and partnerships, accepted by the Law

v Illness of ticket holder / visitor

v Ticket holder or visitor get no visa to travel to Germany

v Ticket holder or visitor is prohibited from travelling

v Force majeure (e.g. acts of war, earthquake, terrorism, political upheavals, epidimia, natural catastrophes)

v Death of ticket holder or visitor or case of death within the family of ticket holder / visitor

v Hardship case

In particular cases further documentation may be required. The decision regarding each and every case will be difficult. By offering such reasons we are very consumer friendly" says Horst R Schmidt. Any person transferring a ticket will be liable to a 10 Euro fee.

Tickets may only be returned to the LOC or transferred to another person as offered by the LOC, but tickets may not be exchanged directly between 2 customers over the LOC Ticket Portal without the LOC consent.

Horst R. Schmidt further: "This ticket portal is a platform intended to fight back against the black market and at the same time takes into account the high security requirements of the FIFA World Cup". Therefore, no acceptable or justifiable reason is left to sell or purchase tickets via other channels. Other Internet portals facilitate the profiteering of individuals to the detriment of genuine football fans. For the benefit of the honest and real fans we thereby avoid exaggerated prices. Black market traders shall have no chance."

The portal will be opened in two time windows. From March 27th to April 9th and from May 1st all the way to 2 days prior match day. The interruption between the two time windows is due to the imperative of precise seat allocation in the stadia and the print of the tickets.