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Important guidelines for all accredited photographers

The system of numbered places which was successfully employed at the FIFA Confederations Cup 2005 will be used again for the FIFA World Cup Germany 2006.

Photographers may reserve one of 150 places on the goal-lines and touchline. Photographers in the highest priority group may select a place three hours before kick-off.

The second group follows 30 minutes later, and the third group a further 30 minutes after this.

Pitch-side access is available from two hours before kick-off.

The criteria for the composition of the three priority group is as follows (match-by-match):

  • Group 1: major news and photo agencies from the involved country and Germany (excluding international agencies with pre-reserved seats); Group 2: other photographers from the involved countries and Germany, and also international publications and organisations; Group 3: others

  1. Each photographer accredited to the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ will be issued with a PHO accreditation badge and a photographer's bib, both of which are valid for the entire tournament.

  2. At each match, photographers will be selected to work on either the field or in the tribune. In some matches, the number of requests could exceed the number of places available, and some requests must be rejected.

  3. Those photographers selected for each match will be given a ticket for access either to the field or the tribune. Thus to work at any particular match, a photographer requires three items : accreditation badge, bib and ticket. The bib must be worn, visibly, at all times (even at training sessions on any site).

  4. A photographers' briefing will be held in the media centre 3 hours before kick-off only before the first game of each venue.

  5. The photographers selected for each match will be divided into three priority groups. The first priority group will contain essentially international agencies; the second group will contain leading national agencies and photographers from leading national or international publications; and the third group will contain other photographers.

  6. Admission to the field will start at 120 minutes before kick-off.

  7. A waiting list of photographers will be assembled for those matches which are over-subscribed, on the basis of priority and not on the basis of first come, first served.

  8. Photographers may only work in the zones reserved for them (and not in the zones reserved for television cameras), unless expressly permitted by officials.

  9. In all stadiums except as instructed, photographers may also work on the touch-line facing the main TV camera, in an area between the corner-flag and level with the edge of the penalty-area (16m.).

  10. Photographers will not be allowed to work from the touch-line on the side of the team benches, apart from the FIFA photographers (wearing a brown bib).

  11. Photographers may never work in front of the advertising boards and must not obstruct these boards in any way at any time.

  12. Photographers must allow players sufficient room to take corner-kicks, as directed by the referee or other FIFA officials.

  13. Once the match has begun, photographers should not move from their dedicated seat, apart from goal-line photographers moving for penalty-kicks at the same end of the pitch. Touch-line photographers may not move at any time.

  14. Photographers may move to the other end of the pitch for penalty shoot-outs, as instructed by officials.

  15. Flash photography during the game is not permitted. Monopods are permitted, but not tripods.

  16. Photographers may set up remote cameras between the goal-net and the advertising boards, but in such a way as not to interfere with either. The final decision on the placement of any remote control cameras shall be with the referee. Remote control cameras may not be serviced during the match, but only at half-time.

  17. Approximately 15 minutes before each match and as instructed by officials, field photographers may come to the centre of the touch-line where the teams will line-up for the national anthems and team group pictures. It is strictly forbidden to encroach onto the field of play at any time. The teams and referees will stand at a distance of approximately 10 metres from the touch-line. After the national anthems, the teams shake hands and pose for team group pictures at the same distance. This is followed by the coin-toss.

  18. Immediately after the coin toss, photographers shall disperse to their respective working positions and not stop to take pictures of the team officials or players on the benches.

  19. At the end of each half, photographers shall remain behind their respective goal-line until all players have exited from the field.

  20. A certain number of seats have been allocated for photographers in the media tribune at each match. Photographers selected to work in this area will each receive a ticket with a seat number, which they are to occupy. They may go to their allocated seats at any time they choose. They shall remain seated throughout the match.

21. At no time – either before, during or after any match – may photographers enter the field of play for any reason. Neither may they enter the dressing-rooms at any time, even if invited to do so by players or team officials. Failure to respect this rule may lead to withdrawal of the photographer's accreditation for the remainder of the competition.

  1. Please note that the use of frequencies for remote-controlled cameras is very strictly controlled in Germany. For this reason, the Federal Agency for the Control of Frequencies (Bundesnetzagentur) has a desk in each SMC for the coordination of the use.

  2. In the event that a photographer's bib is lost or stolen, it will only be replaced upon production of a police report and a 150€ fee.