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FIFA signs up HBS as Host Broadcaster for 2007-2010

FIFA is pleased to announce that Host Broadcast Services (HBS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infront Sports & Media, has been appointed as the dedicated Host Broadcast organisation of world football's governing body for the 2007-2010 period.

HBS will be in charge of producing international TV and radio signals as well as providing other relevant services and facilities to the rights-holding broadcasters of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 and the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. It will also be in charge of constructing and operating the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) in 2010. Furthermore, HBS will consult FIFA on host broadcasting matters for other events during the rights period.

HBS successfully covered the 2002 FIFA World Cup™ and will also be responsible for producing the international TV signal for the upcoming event in Germany in widescreen (16/9) HDTV digital format. FIFA and HBS have agreed not to reveal any financial details of the deal. While HBS will be fully responsible for producing the TV coverage of the events, FIFA's TV department will directly sell and coordinate the respective TV rights packages.

"It is fitting that a broadcast producer of HBS's experience and quality will continue to provide the pictures that will be watched by millions of people across the world. HBS's commitment and professionalism has convinced FIFA to extend the partnership until 2010. As the FIFA World Cup is currently the most widely covered single-sport event in the world, a successful broadcast service is a prerequisite for staging a successful event. HBS has delivered a high level of satisfaction amongst our rights-holding broadcast partners in recent years," commented FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter

"It is both a challenge and a responsibility for FIFA to further develop football across the world with the help of worldwide television coverage. I am looking forward to the fruits of this winning partnership with HBS, a company that has contributed significantly to the high standard of broadcast in recent years," said Jérôme Valcke, Director of FIFA's Marketing and TV.

As Host Broadcaster, HBS will be in charge of organising the broadcast operations and infrastructure. Its role will also include the production and transmission of the international audio and video signal as well as the provision of necessary services and facilities to rights-holders and licensees to enable them to fulfil their production needs. This way, rights-holding broadcasters from all over the world will be able to utilise the signals from each of the venues, add their own commentary and personalise the broadcast to be sent to their home countries. Unilateral transmissions are produced by rights-holding broadcasters and are used to supplement the Host Broadcaster's coverage. HBS will work in close collaboration with FIFA's TV department to develop innovative TV coverage of events for the benefit of football fans all over the world.