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FIFA clarification regarding Nici AG bankrupcty

FIFA wishes to put the record straight on a few facts in the light of various reports that have appeared in the German and international media in recent days in relation to the declaration of bankruptcy filed by the Nici AG company.

The reported figures, drawn from various sources, relating to the licensing agreement for the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ between Nici AG and world football's governing body are far in excess of the actual amount. It has been reported, for example, that the licensing fee for the rights to manufacture toy replicas of the GOLEO VI Official Mascot was USD 28 million. This figure, however, is nearly ten times higher than the correct sum.

According to the information at FIFA's disposal regarding the number of GOLEO VI products that Nici has sold so far, the company has actually recorded a total turnover that is far in excess of the licensing fee which shows that Nici's current financial problems have nothing to do with its relationship with FIFA.