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FIFA to clamp down on media no-shows

More than 250 media failed to collect their media ticket for the match in Frankfurt between England and Paraguay on June 10th.

The number of media no-shows at other matches thus far has been smaller but the trend is troubling and FIFA has been very clear from the beginning that media must cancel their match ticket if they do not plan to attend a match. Thus, another deserving journalist can attend the match.

A journalist or photographer, and his media organisation, will be considered responsible if he fails to cancel a ticket and may eventually forfeit the right to attend the next match of his choice or indeed for the remainder of the event.

In order to avoid such unpleasant situations, we appeal to your professional attitude and would kindly ask you to refer to the text below which explains by way of screen-shots and information the approach to take.

To cancel a match ticket, media must access the FIFA Media Channel (Media Tickets) and cancel the ticket request. FIFA will not accept ticket cancellations via e-mail, telephone or fax, unless in extreme cases of force majeure.

Cancelling a match ticket is a simple four step process. First, a journalist must use his or her unique Yahoo! ID to access the FIFA Media Channel. Second, click on the link to media ticketing services on the left hand navigation.

The Media Ticketing section includes a complete list of all 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany matches and the status of the media representative's ticket request(s) (Approved, Waitlist, or Cancelled).

Third, click on the appropriate Approved or Waitlist link to open the cancellation window.

The final step to cancel a ticket is to click the yellow button Cancel Ticket Request and confirm the request.

A cancellation confirmation page will be displayed and a cancellation confirmation email will be sent to the applicant.

Media are reminded that applications for second round media tickets, including the Final match, will only be processed through the FIFA Media Channel.

The period for requesting Round of 16 match tickets will commence when both teams for each match have been decided. Additional information and instructions will be announced on the FIFA Media Channel in due course.