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FIFA Anti-Discrimination Days 2006 Declaration

On 30 June and 1 July 2006, FIFA will be using the platform of the world's most popular sporting event – the FIFA World Cup™ – by holding this year's FIFA Anti-Discrimination Day to make a clear statement to billions of people around the world about football's united stance against racism.

At all four quarter-final matches just before kick-off, both team captains will read a declaration to demonstrate a firm stance against racism, not only in football but also in society in general.

Both teams and the match officials will also pose jointly with a banner displaying the unequivocal 'Say No to Racism' message as part of the official pre-match protocol.

Team A

On behalf of the national team of (team A), I declare that we wholeheartedly reject racism or any kind of discrimination, whether on or off the field of play.

Using the power of football we can help eradicate racism from our sport and the rest of society as well.

We therefore pledge to pursue this goal and are appealing to you to join us in fighting this evil.

Team B

On behalf of the national team of (team B), I declare that we refuse to tolerate any kind of discrimination in football and appeal to everyone who is watching us today, wherever you are in the world, to help us eliminate discrimination from our society.

If everyone joins together, we can succeed in defeating it.

Say NO to racism!