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FIFA and FARE come together for Streetkick event

Campaigners from the Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network and officials from FIFA will come together to play football in Cologne ahead of England's clash with Sweden to promote a message against racism at the World Cup.

FIFA will visit FARE's mobile football game, Streetkick, in the heart of Cologne at 14:00 (EST) to highlight their support for the 'Football Unites' project being run by campaigners.

FIFA officials will take part in a Streetkick game, symbolically illustrating the partnership between the organisations.

The 'Football Unites' World Cup project has been funded by the German Organising Committee and involves campaigners underlining positive messages of diversity, working with football fans and ethnic minority communities and monitoring potential problems.

For further information please contact Leon Mann on ++49 151 520 78171


  • The Streetkick event with FIFA will take place at Laurenzi Platz, nearby the DOM Cathedral in Cologne at 14:00 (EST) Campaigners from FARE and delegates from FIFA will be available for interview. Images of the event will be available from Leon Mann on the morning of the 21 June via email.